Wednesday, May 19, 2010

i run therefore i am

There are many reasons people take up running. Mine are simple, my dog needs exercise as I do. This is something we do together which gives us time to bond and work on some basic behavior training along the way. Lets face it a tired dog is a really good thing, and the endorphins I get from it aren't bad either. Also, it's something I can do no matter where I am, just as long as I have a good pair of running shoes and the will to get up and get going. There's a funny thing that happens to me while running, it's the bopping motion that feels almost like my body is rocking itself and it's such a soothing feeling. I have fond recollections of being around 3 or 4 years old, once in a while my mother would pick me up in her arms and run to catch a cab or bus. That feeling of being up there in her arms and bopping up and down while seeing the world from that height was amazing. Certainly, getting up and forcing myself to go running isn't as easy as my up-in-mom's-arms story but once I get a rhythm and I know my dog won't be making any more potty breaks, it's on! The feeling of the wind touching my face, my lungs expanding as I take in air and exhale it, feeling my heart beat, my legs feeling stronger with every step, my arms swinging side to side with every stride, and the bopping motion combined make a perfect harmony. The cool down process is just as good, my body feels relaxed, calm, and cool. In sync, open and ready for whatever comes my way.