Thursday, March 3, 2011

introducing the pretty bird shop

my little sister texts me the other day to tell me how much she likes some of my photos. she specifically referred to an album i call "this & that" on my fb page. so we had a lengthy text convo about art, photography, my "work", etc. it was sweet to have finally bonded on something other than memories of our childhood summers or family drama. 
this was not the first time someone showed interest in my pics, a friend asked me to show some off at a gallery exhibit he was part of about a year ago. i was shy, and completely unaware that a non-professional photographer like myself could do such a thing, i was taken aback frankly. after having more and more kind peeps from a wide spectrum of life encouraged me to give it, whatever "it" is a try i was finally down. here we go...
alas i opened pretty bird shop on etsy to show and perhaps sell some of these random photos of mine. so far, no sales just views and one hearted item!  

Monday, January 10, 2011

vogel house

we have finally moved into what we call the new old house. new because it's what you call a place when it's new to you but old because well, it's an old 1940's-50's era home. we ended up falling in love with the charm of the place and made all final decisions to move on in. january first was the day we arrived, although it's only been a little over a week, for us it already feels like we've been here much longer. i think it's a good thing, as i type this i sit under a milk glass lantern above the built-in desk typing away on our mac desktop that is so similar in color to this beauty of a fixture. i dream of the many dinners, cozy nights and bright mornings that are ahead of us. each day both el esposo and i can't wait for the sun to set as we've missed every sunrise tucked away in our dark bedroom. you see, we have this big panoramic view from our living room and dining room windows. when the skies are clear we can see the golden gate bridge, the financial district, and the sutro tower. along with the sf view, we also get some of mt. tam and nearby marin. at night we doze off as the lights from the all the cities, and traffic begin to flicker and shine. it's quite a meditative state to gaze from above, in your cozy house on top of the hill. i bet rose and louie, the previous inhabitants, felt the same.