Wednesday, July 7, 2010

apron sweetness

Yesterday I came home to a very sweet package in my mail. It was from Anna and Jake, who have been on a mission to raise funds for Jake's surgery and treatment(poor little Jake has mass cell cancer). I purchased the apron right away when I came across their
blog a couple months ago and was touched...who am I kidding I was beyond touched, I cried my eyes out and frantically posted their blog info. everywhere and hugged my dog tightly. The apron is beautiful it has a real retro feel to it and it came with a really sweet note from both Anna and Jake. The Apron Campaign is still up and running, posting updates on Jake's treatment and recovery and still offers darling aprons for sale. By the way Jake is a sweet rescued cocker spaniel with a face that melts you to pieces. Time to bake and smooch on my dog like crazy.


  1. Hey, thanks for the recommendation! I can't wait to delve into that website!

    Adorable apron, by the way...

  2. sa-weeet! i'm cooking dinner from one of the 101 cookbooks recipes, with apron on of course! pappardelle pasta with spiced's delicious!

  3. it looks great on you!

  4. thanks vanessa! the apron looks great on you as well...and I do looooove carlton just as much as i love your blog:) keep up the great posts!