Thursday, July 1, 2010

pie dreams

Easy as pie. Sweet as pie. Piece of the pie. Pie in the sky. All darling phrases that involve the ever comforting and scrumptious, pie. I am on pie time 24/7 since my recent competitor entry to the SF Food Wars "Pie or die" coming up on July 25th. Yes, I love eating pies mostly of the sweet variety but I do loooove baking pies! However, making itty bitty portions for pie-a-holic tasters and judges is a whole other thing. Enter my pie "mad scientist" state of affairs, I talk pie, read pie and have turned my kitchen into pie central. Practicing and preparing myself for pie mayhem. SO, from this point onward (at least until the competition ends) it's a pie or die kind of month for me. 

p.s. prepare thyself for some peachy, flaky goodies a la mode...


  1. k...this made me miss my mom like crazy lol

    she makes the best pies ever

    and it made me think of the childrens book, Sweet Dream Pie. SOOO cute! :)

  2. some moms are known for amazing pie...lucky kid you are. go visit mom asap!

    i love sweet dream pie the book....truly adorable!