Thursday, July 8, 2010

a hymn for eva

This beautiful hymn was written for baby Evangeline Simone. Amongst discussions regarding business, conflicts, and frustrations, she always grounds everyone around her. Specifically taming her father and uncle.

at least we have her
to bring us back to earth.
and vacate our minds from unearthly things like business and lawyers.
at least we have her to love the sky and trees
and remind us all we were once too, sweet little peas.
and much later, at last when we finally have the chance
we will thank her and praise her for that gracious reminder
she, without knowledge or expectation, bestows on us each day.
when we have forgotten everything and have nothing good to say
and we fight with our brothers and our wives and ourselves.
and we will sing evangeline thank you for being born
eva eva evangeline, thank you for that day.

written by a very proud uncle, David Vogel.

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