Friday, July 9, 2010

one tired girl

With the bustle and hustle of everyday life, we often find ourselves revving up on stimulants of sorts to get through our days. Coffee is an absolute must for me every morning and even though I've tried to ditch it, somehow I keep having my hot cup of joe come morning time. Besides that I pretty much don't rev up on any other energy boosters, well, perhaps the occasional sugary snack. Which takes me to a place in search for alternatives for my much needed energy. It goes like this....My body is searching for: the adequate strength and vitality needed to sustain my physical and mental daily activities, HELP! So with a little self talk I grabbed a bottle of daily vitamins, and supplements, a ginkgo tea(for memory, clarity and alertness), healthy meals, and lots of water. How about a long hot bath, some mindless t.v. and even a really good book at the end of the day? Throw in some exercise with my dog and plenty of rest, I should be good. But did I mention I picked up another part-time job and entered myself into a pie contest? This should be interesting!


  1. what a lovely dose of encouragement to receive with your cup of tea!

  2. that's what i thought! the lovely tea message came from yogi tea, every bag comes with an inspiring message.