Thursday, April 15, 2010

all the many bus rides...

Public transportation has become a big part of my weekly routine these days as I commute from one side of the bay to another. Transportation in the form of Bart(bay area rapid transit/train) and Muni(buses, trolleys, cable cars/streetcars) have become an everyday experience and "oh!" what an experience it is. Sometimes painful, hysterical, annoying, disturbing, scary, yet always keeping me on my toes and helping me move around without a car or my bike. The use of headphones really help to add a certain sparkle and diffuse some of the otherwise uncomfortable stares, situations, and such. It's almost as if the help of music makes everyone seem interesting who without the soundtrack would not be so inviting to your eyes. I refrain from reading as it causes me to become nauseated beyond belief, but a good tune aids in making the ride a far more exciting one or simply sedates that part of you that wants to...get the heck out! The train offers an array of characters and the stations always seem like you're in purgatory neither here nor there and the station agent's voice often sounds futuristic, cold, mechanical. Bus rides come in all different flavors, the 45 offers an interesting asian flair, with it's elderly pushing, shoving, and sometimes picking fights with another of their(elderly) kind. But in all fairness the torture only lasts a short time, it ends in chinatown. Besides the children on this line are very sweet and curious as I am. The 41 towards downtown is more on the touristy side with very little eye contact, people spread about with no one sitting next to each other unless they have to. The 22 is a moving asylum from hell, or it can be and makes for very good stories over dinner. I can go on but I won't as I have not seen it all in the public transportation area. I'll discover some new soundtracks and images to compliment each other, that I am sure of.

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