Wednesday, April 14, 2010

caravan happy.

Perhaps someday I'll be a real gypsy and get myself a caravan. You know, the type of thing equipped to live in and is typically towed by a car and used on vacations? I would love for nothing more than to set up camp in some remote gorgeous outdoor setting and enjoy life the slow way. With nothing but fresh air, books, records to listen to, my dog, good ol' sunshine, big puffy clouds and glittery stars to tuck me in at night. Blame it on wanderlust setting in and the urge to fleet which is growing bigger and greater and with the caravan/camp idea embedded in my head, the traveling bug feels warmer and cozier. A home away from home feels like just the right thing for me. So, now I dream and search for this perfect gypsy home to call my own. There are many different caravan inspirations out there, and the great part is, you really can make it your own by adding that very personal touch that you create by being... I really wish I had this home-on-wheels for April 24th, when I'll be heading down to Half Moon Bay for a wonderful day of gorgeous nature, awesome music (yes, Nicki Bluhm will be playing) bus painting, and barbecuing at a Pescadero Barn concert. Nothing better than some country fun. I simply cannot wait!

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