Friday, April 23, 2010

hooray, it's friday!

Sunny friday, how I love thee. The spirit of TGIF is ringing loud and clear round here, and plans are certainly en route! Tomorrow's plans are making me feel quite silly and giddy with delight. A barn concert at one of my very favorite places on earth, Pescadero in Half Moon bay. A dreamy gorgeous little town on the coast is where all the fun will take place. At 4 o'clock the barn concert will have a hippie bus painting session, then music, BYOBBQ, then more music till' the wee hours of the night, under the bright, shiny, coastal stars. Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers is the musical act that's making me act so spunky, I'm a big fan and seeing them play "IN" Pescadero(my fav. place ever) is too much happiness to contain. They'll be playing later in the evening. On sunday, I'll be interviewing a very talented artist that I can't wait to meet and ask questions to. I can't imagine how it will go and what to expect but she's from Iceland and is probably the craftiest, friendliest, cutest thing around. So excited. Too excited. Happy friday and then some.


  1. I love old barns, especially looking up at seeing the high rafters :)