Friday, April 16, 2010

hooray, it's friday!

Diana mini...get one
home inspiration by dottieangel
the critters... 2 of 3!

TGIF. Straight up. Even though I don't have any exciting plans, simply not having to be anywhere, nor rushing to get anywhere, and being able to sleep in makes today a fine day indeed. However, this does not mean I haven't a thing to do, because that I have tons of which I plan to tackle one at a time and like a bull. List includes, developing some film (some lomo shots I took with my DIANA mini), laundry, painting, mowing the lawn, cleaning the office, finishing DIY projects, and spending some good quality home time with the critters. Some new recipes I've been dying to try will be added to the list(both food and cocktail ones). If this seems boring, well... maybe it is for a conventional weekend roster, but for me this all sounds divine. It's dream-boat quality as I have not had a spare moment to enjoy the home front activities for some time. Call me mundane, I call this nesting!

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