Friday, March 19, 2010

happy hour magic: long vodka

In San Francisco there is a bar with...a lone palm right smack in front of the place. The name of such place is of course, the Lone Palm. The bar is somewhat hidden between the crowded, hip spot that is the Mission District (valencia corridor to be exact) and Noe Valley. On 22nd st. you will find this place and if you're cool enough and have lived in the area this is where you tend to go. For happy hour, ringing in the New Year (as I have in the past) and to unwind from the bustling hood. The place is dark, cozy and they play silent films, generally the bartenders play awesome music and the drinks (they specialize in cocktails) are amazing. A rather pretty, rather charming gal by the name of Isla makes these funny drinks called "Long Vodkas" she swears they are popular in London where she began bartending(she's originally from scotland, just thought I'd throw that in!). Anyhow, these long drinks are just that, long, refreshing, and go down easy without being overly sweet or sugary. As myself and my counterpart always ask "what's in this Isla?" and "tell me more" the darling Isla wrote her secret down on a piece of paper. Yay! long vodka city here I come. Okay, I just finished my first one and contemplating my second as it was a hard days work of mowing my backyard lawn, crafting, cleaning, and lounging in the sun.

Here's a recipe for:

Isla's Long Vodka

-a tall glass full of ice
-2 oz. of vodka
-splash of rose's cordial
-a few spalshes of bitters
-1 oz. soda water
-1 oz. sprite (is used my own ginger lemonade/2 oz. and skipped both the soda water and sprite)
-lemon and lime (optional)


  1. This makes me want to go back to San Francisco. Like now. And upon my arrival I will visit the Lone Palm for a cocktail.

  2. excellent! you should go to the lone palm as soon as you get a chance was my local hideaway for years and it's secluded coziness makes it magically.

  3. oops i meant "magical" at the end not "magically"!

  4. This place sounds awesome. I'll have to visit sometime- I work in the Mission. Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  5. Sounds lovely :) xx

  6. Mmm that sounds like a perfect cocktail to sip over spring break!