Thursday, March 11, 2010

she's so lovely: nicki bluhm

her album cover is gorgeous!

hot momma! love the jeans, body suit, bracelet, and bangs.

she's a california lover, it's true!

dynamic duo and a lovely pair N & T Bluhm

I wanna go wherever she's going!

A very talented and lovely singer/songwriter has been constantly on my mind for some time now. Her name is Nicki Bluhm and even though I first knew of her as Tim Bluhm's girl (now wife), she really holds her own these days, because this girl is on fire with her ever so-lovely presence. Her melodies, and style grab a hold of you in a very charming way. The kind of gal you want to hang out with, raid her closet, go for a hike, have a girls night out, and then watch her play a guitar riff under a california sunset. Her sound is a beautiful mix of americana/folk/blues and some classic pop/rock that you'd hear back in the vinyl era, I hear some Bonnie Raitt and Joni Mitchell in there but with a totally fresh feel to it. I think of Linda Ronstadt and even Cher when I see Nicki, perhaps it's her style and hair but it's definitely her talent.
Her voice is amazing, she's got me singing along every time I hear or see her play, a really wonderful performer. Oh, and she's one tough cookie as her band mates, "The Gramblers" are all boys, some of them members of the band The Mother Hips (including her husband Tim Bluhm), and some contributions from Jackie Greene are in her album. You can download her music on itunes or purchase her album online on her site. Right about now, I'm singing "Toby's song" and then I'll have "I'm your woman" stuck in my head, I cannot wait for her to release a new album and fall in love all over again. Love to love Nicki Bluhm!

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