Thursday, March 11, 2010

kitchen homework!

While visiting my brother-in-law and his wife I discovered a fun little idea from the sis-in-law. Courtney is her name, and while sharing a recipe with me she opened up a binder, the kind you use in school to keep all your homework tidy. She had a ton of printed pages from epicurious, and such online recipe sites. In addition to the printed recipes, she also had handwritten stuff and even tiny little scraps of paper were in the binder. Recipes that were written by strangers at bars, restaurants, and parties all whom had written down cocktail recipes and culinary secrets with the lovely Courtney. Immediately, I thought "what a great idea" keeping a binder where you can organize all your printed or handwritten recipes.
I found a bright colorful binder, added subject dividers for recipe categories, and pasted some weights/measures conversion tables (because I have bad math skills) on the front of a divider page and finally included a plastic binder pocket to store receipts and extras. I keep all of my recipes that I cook with often in the binder and keep it close by, of course I still refer to my recipe books but the binder keeps all the paperwork in one place and out of drawers or the office.

Pretend it's school time and grab these items next time you're shopping for printer paper, pens etc...

-binder of your choice
-subject dividers
-3 ring folder or a binder pocket



  1. Good idea, and it totally feeds my deep love for school supplies!

  2. sweeeeet! glad you like the idea...thanks for checking it out:)