Friday, March 5, 2010

hooray, it's friday!

photo by sheena lu
photo by hula seventy

It's here, the day that brings joy and delight to our week! The infamous friday, otherwise known as party time, weekend, anything goes. We all seem to hail "TGIF" in different ways, cocktails after a long week, quality time with friends/lovers and family, shopping, catching-up, listening to records at home, and so on.

For me it's a rather simple day, my biggest task is to sit for a portrait later this afternoon and I'm feeling a bit nervous and excited. A swarm of thoughts blast through my head when I think of it, mostly consisting of the obvious "what to wear", "how to sit" as I have never been part of such an experience. It's quite a thing to have a talented artist do a portrait of you, and it's quite a big thing to one day be able to see a captured image of oneself on canvas, it's beautiful yet haunting.
I've received advice from friends mostly to enjoy myself others advice me to "look regal" that was the funniest one, "eat something light, and relax" said another, "bring a prop!" said my sister, and "make sure you brush your hair" is what I hear my mother saying in my mind. We'll see how this all unfolds, I'll make sure to keep everyone's advice in mind and have a good time. After all, it is friday.

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