Friday, March 5, 2010

stop-motion gorgeousness.

I found a beautiful little video for a band called A Fine Frenzy, although I'm not familiar with their music (which sounds, sweet, young, very catchy) I did fall for this video. Their latest album is titled Bomb in a Birdcage(love that title!). And why shouldn't I love this darling video? It's beautifully shot in stop-motion animation and the objects, wardrobe and subject are perfectly dreamy. The kind of day dream I often slip into and grouch about when I snap out of. For those of you unfamiliar with stop-motion(remember Gumby?) it's a form of animation that has an illusional effect to show something real or fantastical move as if by magic. The process is arduous and requires the object to be moved for every frame thus giving the illusion of it moving ever so slowly and puppet like. Comprende? If you don't you're not alone the artists involved in this type of work are magicians and work really hard at what they do.

I'm sure everyone and their grandma has either blogged about this gem or has seen the video an uproar of times, I don't blame them. I felt as if I had walked into the Belljar boutique in San Francisco, a truly gorgeous shop. Think beautiful little dresses, taxidermy drenched in forest magic, birdcages, sweet-smelling fancy bars of soap, feathery headbands, all objects old and new that transport you into a real day dream.


  1. I absolutely adore this video by them: