Sunday, March 14, 2010

meet: blossom dearie, cult chanteuse.

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I betcha you've never heard of Blossom Dearie. But if by chance you have and are a big fan, well congrats to you as you a very "hep" to the jive! Recently I came across this wonderful voice that was new to me as it was distinctly different, much like other jazzy-cabaret sounds but nonetheless, different. The melody was upbeat and fabulous, the voice was incredibly girlish and it seemed too silly to be serious, which for me is completely perfect.
Blossom dearie, the jazz pixie with the little-girl voice, perfectly retro spectacles, buttoned up-sharp collar shirt wearin', wonderful piano playin' lady was the cabaret and nightclub sensation of the 50's and 60's. In 1952 she formed a vocal group, the Blue Stars of Paris and years later she moved to New York City to pursue a music career and began to sing in groups such as the Blue Flames (with the Woody Herman Orchestra) and the Blue Reys(with Alvino Rey's band) before starting her solo career. At this point she was walking among giants of that time, big names like Ella Fitzgerald, and Peggy Lee among other female jazz singers in the spotlight. But Blossom was the first to fuse cabaret and jazz together, she had a very independent spirit, kittenish voice, a singer/songwriter and managed to have her own record company which she named Daffodil Records. Among all the tremendously cool and whimsy work, Blossom's voice appeared in Schoolhouse Rock!(you know, the very cool children's educational series that makes you sing and learn?)her voice appeared in "Mother Necessity","Figure Eight"(one of my favorites) and "Unpack Your Adjectives". Her style was minimal and precise, fitting her voice just right, and leaving you feeling bouncy after listening. Since discovering Blossom Dearie I've been diving into her music trying to find everything she recorded or worked on and also being inspired by her style and ways. I've been searching for a piano for my house ever since my Blossom discovery. Because hittin' the piano keys is ever so uplifting, whether you're an experienced pianist or you know enough on the piano to make you feel that bepop thing Miss Dearie knew so well. Plus, I think we can all agree that a piano makes a fine accessory in any home, big or small.

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