Friday, March 12, 2010

hooray, it's friday!

It's friday. It's cold and raining but my spirits are up thanks to some good company, exciting home improvement projects, and a couple of drinks. Wish I could transport myself and the house to a much warmer, sunnier place. Much like birds do, their flocks take off when the weather and conditions are full of gloom and have nothing to offer. To be like a bird and fly...oh, what a feeling that would be! Have a great weekend whoever you are, avian lover or not and may you find the release you are looking for. For now I stay where I am and keep warm with my internal "contour feathers" as I'm missing the necessary "flight feathers" that help me take off (it's all bird talk).


  1. Love the photos. You have a very sweet blog :)

  2. Bird talk! Wonderful. Yes, migration is a beautiful and enviable thing.