Thursday, March 4, 2010

she's so lovely: zooey deschanel

with M.Ward in She & Him

with Joseph Gordon-Levitt

sultry and vamped up

bangs and dresses and heels...oh my!

Inspired by miss Emily Roers' recent post on her scrumptious blog the daily loves and having just watched (500)Days of Summer. Wait, it doesn't stop there, and listening to She & Him for the past year I decided to share my lady love for the multi talented and ever lovely... Zooey Deschanel!

Not sure where I should begin with this as it breaks down into a.) her fashion style, b.) her acting and movies(most specifically (500) days of summer) and by golly c.) her musical talent.

So I will begin at the bottom with c.) her musical talent. Zooey is part of a dynamic musical duo alongside the amazing M.Ward, they go by the name of She & Him. I was first introduced to their music a bit more than a year ago by a wonderful friend named Anne Magill who has the utmost appreciation for the coolest, most heartfelt, and talented musicians both old and new. She often left music for me to listen to or burned me some CD's of her favorites. In one of these such instances I threw in a CD of hers labeled She & Him not having the slightest idea of what I would be listening to, all I knew was the look on Anne's face as she pointed to the one CD I should listen to first!
An absolutely splendid sound, oozing with a powerhouse of talent is what She & Him's Volume 1. is all about. Instantly I was charmed by "Sentimental Heart" where she's wrecked laying on the floor lonely without him and then she's playfully sitting on the shelf on "why do you let me stay here?" but there's more much more, on "take it back" she doesn't want to be loved or fooled by him. In a nutshell their sound specifically Zooey's, offers a true retro exuberance that is fresh and modern but utterly charming and timeless and M. Ward's instrumental sound seals the deal.

I can go on and on with c.) but i won't because I'll have everyone spewing zzzz's for days. I continue with b.) miss Zooey's acting and most specifically her performance in (500) Days of Summer. This doll-faced darlin' is the type of actress that makes you really believe that she actually is the character she's portraying. This sense of realism is what makes her really stand out above the masses of actresses today. In (500)Days of Summer she is charming as is the movie itself, a classic boy-meets-girl yet complicated love story, with fun and sweet moments. I'm happy to say it even passed the "dude" test, perhaps because of the drunken karaoke pixie's song and the soundtrack or because guys can also relate to such a tale.

Alas, we have arrived at a.) miss Z's fashion style. Complete with charmingly girlish and retro flair she falls somewhere between a modern day Lolita, Gidget, Audrey Hepburn, and a fresh faced Julie Christie complete with the same retro hairdo. Yet at times you see all the folky girls of the music scence from the past. Expect to find ruffles, bows, mary jane heels, flats, tights, high waisted skirts, and the kind of candy colored dresses that utter femininity of the most delicious kind. I for one would love to raid her closet and perhaps her music collection as well. As for her favorite movies of all time perhaps we share the same ones for mine is extensive and all over the place!


  1. I love Zooey! I'm so excited for the new She & Him Album!!!

  2. yay! melina i do loooove the first album, betcha the new one will be just as darling! p.s. lovely blog you have <3

  3. i have a huge girl crush on her!

  4. Along with Lady Gaga, Zooey definitely has to be included in the girl crush category of mine. She is just simply marvelous!!