Friday, March 12, 2010

kitty cat madness.

Blue, the greatest...most of the time.

a super bad kitty that shouldn't be on top of the fridge!

platter replacement found on replacements LTD

salad bowl sold by compostthis

My cat is officially a jerk. I love the fur ball to the moon and back but this morning Blue really made me re-analyze our relationship, just a bit, I mean I really love the guy. Anyhow, in his crazy monkey-cat world he decided to make the top of our fridge his playground and knocked over some items which were of course vintage and some of my favorites in the kitchen.

Items broken beyond repair include:
-a large dinner platter(vintage and part of a fine china set)
-a heavy glass salad bowl that I adored no matter how much others didn't.

After picking up the mess and taking a few deep breaths I searched on etsy to find similar salad bowls as mine will be missed. To my surprise I found the same exact salad bowl but for a much steeper price, I paid a total of $3.00 at the community thrift store in SF of all places and found it again on etsy for $35.00 plus shipping of course. This salad bowl was produced by Anchor Hocking for Bazooka Bubble gum (weird) as a promotional deal sometime in the mid-1950s, and there were only 960 made. Wonderful, my broken one was part of the 960.... ARGH! The platter I also found by searching Grantham Royal-Doulton (the manufacturer) and I can get another for $139.99, my platter was part of a complete set that cost me $100. Gotta let go! So, farewell my precious, vintage, salad bowl, and platter you were both loved...and Blue is grounded.

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