Monday, March 15, 2010

missing: sleep!

poster by ashleyg

Eeek! Lack of sleep made a zombie out of me throughout the day. Perhaps it was the time change, drinking coffee in the evening, bizarre dreams(better off not sharing!), the dog and cats running through the house during sleeping hours, or the fact that I had worn myself too thin with projects throughout the day. Whatever it was I had a teeny amount of sleep, far from my usual long stretch of sleep time that often surpasses the recommended amount. I woke up feeling very awkward, disconnected yet full of stumbling, uncoordinated energy, and so I had a few cups of coffee and off I went. Only to find myself crashing severely shortly thereafter. No computer access throughout the day, plus the sleepy state of affairs kept me away from posting anything, not that I had a single clear idea on my mind except coming home and catching some good zzz's.

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